Twirl [verb]

Definition of Twirl:

turn around circularly

Synonyms of Twirl:

Opposite/Antonyms of Twirl:

Sentence/Example of Twirl:

Loubet, before parting with his, gave it a twirl as a drum-major does his cane.

Well, you fellows can stay ashore if you want to, and twirl your fingers.

The captain took out a small pencil on a chain and began to twirl it.

Having found the best materials at hand, he began to twirl the stick.

Laughing a thick laugh, he gave a twirl to his moustache, and swaggered on.

And then he twirled all that he could twirl of that incipient moustache.

What was he ever good for in this world but to tie his neckcloth and twirl his cane?

There goes a straw—well, how it does twist and twirl, to be sure!

The man, without answering, began to twirl the ends of his moustache.

Let him twirl off one columbine or another, or a dozen, and then—the last of him!