Revolve [verb]

Definition of Revolve:

turn, circle

Synonyms of Revolve:

Opposite/Antonyms of Revolve:

Sentence/Example of Revolve:

The dean paused to revolve the proposition, and then shook his head negatively.

These rings acted as bearings on which the mast could revolve.

The cogs and wheels of the machine began to revolve rapidly.

Indeed, even while he was speaking the wheels of Fate had already begun to revolve.

But the empire had extended too far west to revolve about that distant pivot.

I continued to revolve these and such like thoughts throughout the entire night.

Before I had time to revolve this doubt in my mind Mrs. Rooney had explained it.

This consists of a semicircular band, which can revolve around a column.

His lunch dispatched, he began at once to revolve plans of escape.

There is one word in my text around which the most of our thoughts will this morning revolve.