Roll [noun]

Definition of Roll:

revolving, turning

Synonyms of Roll:

Opposite/Antonyms of Roll:

Sentence/Example of Roll:

The years roll on, the time of imprisonment is over, the man is free.

Roll in the white of egg and then in flour and sauté in butter.

Out of it he drew a roll of birch bark painted with juice of poke-berries.

We are letting this world progress and roll right on past us without a struggle.

All her share of the blarney of Ireland began to roll from the mellow tip of her tongue.

It may be feared that the letter met with the fate of Jeremiah's roll.

It is covered with Turkey red and has a roll cushion for his head.

Once I met Bowser on his way to his work, a roll of theatre-bills under his arm.

Make a fine paste, roll it out, and cut it into round cakes.

Roll it out thick, and line with it the bottom and sides of a deep dish.