Cycle [noun]

Definition of Cycle:

era, phase

Synonyms of Cycle:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cycle:


Sentence/Example of Cycle:

For years, brands and agencies were caught in a self-defeating cycle, where agencies didn’t pitch gaming ideas to brands because they assumed brands didn’t know what to do with them.

Oftentimes, you can soak your clothing, linen, or other fabrics in a pre-soak cycle, wash, and then enjoy the fresh-scented and stain-free result.

This is just the latest flashpoint in a cycle of delayed elections, public frustration and fraying political legitimacy in the impoverished Caribbean nation.

Our bodies groove to the familiar rhythms of heartbeats and breaths — persistent cycles essential to survival.

This cycle of defensiveness and shame can make it harder to parent in that moment.

Just enough soap to do the job, and be sure to put it through the rinse and spin cycle twice.

TAMPA — NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said Thursday that the results of the recently completed hiring cycle for head coaches and general managers were not what the league wanted or expected after enacting diversity measures in the past year.

Typically, for someone who’s considering a fertility awareness method, we recommend tracking your cycle for at least three cycles.

The previous winter had gained a reputation among guides in the province as one of the worst avalanche cycles in 40 years—it was a tough start to my management career, feeling like we were constantly dodging bullets.

If it has to carry through on its threat, then businesses may also suffer as Australia shifts to an alternative platform, where the cycle might eventually repeat itself.