Spin [noun]

Definition of Spin:

circular motion

Synonyms of Spin:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spin:

Sentence/Example of Spin:

By response to response we spin round a friend the age-web which lengthens into the death-web.

They may find they have more tow on their distaff than they know how to spin.

Here I must bide, and talk and sew and spin, and spin and sew and talk.

You'll come down low then, so as you can examine the villages as you spin along.

Miss Priest was no "spin" lingering on in spinsterhood against her will.

She loved to spin, and no spider ever spun so fine a thread as she on her spinning wheel.

To spin yarns for Charley's delectation would have been absurd.

I spin the finest wool of our flocks, and drain the distended udders of our cows.

A top will spin some time in the air because its point is small.

I have considered them, sir; but I'm foiling still and mother has to spin.