Spiral [adjective]

Definition of Spiral:

curling, winding

Synonyms of Spiral:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spiral:

Sentence/Example of Spiral:

Here is another spiral similar in every respect to spiral C.

Some cutouts have a spiral spring attached to the cutout armature.

Lingua spiralis: the spiral tongue of Lepidoptera: see glossa.

Spiral: rolled up like a watch spring, or twisted like a cork-screw.

These are covered and surrounded with boards, fastened on to protect the spiral.

Very often in place of writing, all I could get from them would be spiral lines.

There is much controversy as to the nature of these spiral nebul.

In the massive type, the development seems to be a spiral one.

The spiral motion has the effect of minimizing this difficulty.

It would still take four hours to get down, in a spiral of deceleration.