Wound [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Wound:

In spite of the wound he seized the musket and forcibly wrested it from our hero.

All you had to do when you got it inside a man was to turn it round a bit, and the wound gaped and tore.

How so, I asked him, when that cannot wound without the application?

And in the painful cleaning of the wound he did not murmur once.

The bullets of Allister and Clune might have gone home— they were intended to kill, not to wound.

She tried to smile, but what came was the smile of a wound rather than a mouth.

He spoke with the sureness of a man of wealth, confident that money will salve any wound.

She felt no alarm lest she wound the sensibilities of the girl.

In all her short life she had never willfully inflicted a wound.

I pull it off and put it back and it galls my finger, as if it rubbed a wound.