Benefit [noun]

Definition of Benefit:

advantage, profit

Synonyms of Benefit:

Opposite/Antonyms of Benefit:

Sentence/Example of Benefit:

The risks of opening are uncertain, but the benefits are clear.

One benefit of this setup, called a “stepped wedge trial,” is that it doesn’t relegate one block of individuals into a control group that goes without training for the duration of the study.

Unnecessary state occupational licenses—often costly, time-consuming, and offering little benefit to consumers—should be eliminated.

There is one additional Flex 5G feature that sets it apart from competitors, and is both a big benefit and a big downside.

Praising the benefits of physical exercise helps little when jogging in a nearby neighborhood could cost your life.

For every $1 invested, we found an incremental economic benefit of $2 to $4.

As he walked back to his hotel, his head was full of plans for the girl's transient pleasure and lasting benefit.

Mr. Spurrell came down to see a horse, and we shall be very glad to have the benefit of his opinion by-and-by.

These oral inanities only served to make Lyn give me the benefit of a look of amused wonder.

Once he permitted himself a digression, that he might point a moral for the benefit of his servant.