Worth [noun]

Definition of Worth:

value, estimation associated with something

Synonyms of Worth:

Opposite/Antonyms of Worth:

Sentence/Example of Worth:

Dollars are worth more apiece in New York than any town I've ever been in.

As you do not propose to follow the sea, it will not be worth while to go as cabin-boy.

It is a tribute to the memory and worth of one of his early friends at Eton.

His nett proceeds (which I saw) were about $16,000 worth of gold.

We are pure nothings, concerning which speculation is not worth the trouble.

Well, at least, if I had to be disappointed, I should like it to be in something that would be worth having.

If a thing were worth having, it was certainly worth asking for.

If ye have headed it back it is as much as your ears are worth.

She has been searched, and we have found about a hundred dollars worth of laces on her.

And you caught her with a hundred dollars worth of laces that she hadn't bought.