Cost [noun]

Definition of Cost:

expense; price paid

Synonyms of Cost:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cost:

Sentence/Example of Cost:

Kanukollu said they have cut down on power consumption from the LED lights by 50% and reduced the cost of manufacturing by 60% per tube.

Now teams are international, talent is international, more and more companies are building remote first — although you’d seen that before given the costs of the Bay.

Still, that’s a fraction of the costs incurred by out-of-control wildfires.

To many people, these changes look like the necessary costs of progress.

While it’s tough to imagine that AMP will fade away completely within the next couple of years, AMP’s privacy issues combined with the cost of maintaining it might spell the end of it being a widely used practice.

The left part includes means to deliver that value with key activities and partners, cost structures, and resources.

It’s halved the cost of supporting the systems and sped up the time to build new applications, says Andrew Parry, vice president for application development and support at Office Depot.

I think the real cost is probably a 30%, 40% increase across the board.

The average cost overrun for both Summer and Winter Games since 1960, they calculated, was 172 percent.

Williams College reduced its cost by 15% on a one-time basis for the coming academic year.