Nut [noun]

Definition of Nut:

seed of fruit, vegetable

Synonyms of Nut:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nut:


Sentence/Example of Nut:

It represents a sort of nut, itself too bulky for a railway truck.

You miserable little beast—with cats everywhere, and not a nut for miles!

He'll be out for de goods; it's a gal owns him, an' dere'll be nut'in' doin'.

"Smash him, Sam—smash in his nut for him," piped the smallest Micky cheerfully.

You cracked the nut with me; it doesn't become you to sneer at it now!

Some people make liquor of the outside shell when the nut is ripe, but neither the colour nor the flavour is then so fine.

The surmise that Galusha Bangs was a "nut" became a conviction.

"A nut," was the reply, given with the assurance of absolute conviction.

The colour of the island is green and gold; its flavour is that of a nut.

This will damage the thread and prevent the nut from turning loose.