Stone [noun]

Definition of Stone:

hard piece of earth's surface

Synonyms of Stone:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stone:


Sentence/Example of Stone:

We talked of progress; but progress, like the philosopher's stone, could not be easily attained.

Soon a stone flew against the door—then another— and bang, bang!

In the grass there can still be seen the stone to which the bull-ring was secured.

As to the stone, it glanced off obliquely and fell midway between the vessels.

What are these bits of stone, and of wood, and rusted nails, which are set out in front of him?

I can but see an old rusty nail, with bits of stone and slips of wood.

This stone was thrown at the sainted Stephen, and the other two are from the Tower of Babel.

"And I will have the stone from the temple," cried Hordle John.

The door was piled with bodies, and the stone floor was slippery with blood.

The waterless world of stone is not only a garden, but a green forest!