Gravel [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Gravel:

Gow went back to the family’s ranch house, low and brown and cut into the forest where the gravel road ends in a loop, the living room stuffed with prize saddles and trophy buckles, the walls stocked with photos of a family that ropes and races.

Ariella Gintzler Some magic happens when you swap out your skinny road tires with 40-millimeter treaded rubber on a gravel bike.

The Pathway offers a balance of everyday style, technical performance, and ample coverage that’s perfect for bikepacking and gravel adventures.

Pereyra said without warning, Profitt pulled him to the ground, struck him in the back of the head and pushed his face into a gravel driveway.

Walk into any bike shop and you’ll see road, mountain, gravel, casual, and commuter bikes, and e-versions of all of these, but likely nothing made for carrying more than the rider and a modest amount of stuff.

But, he cautions, it may not work well on wet surfaces or ones made of sand or gravel.

Suddenly his quick eye lit on something in the gravel path and his heart gave a great leap.

Some chickens were clucking outside the windows, scratching for bits of gravel in the grass.

The train stopped, and he stood on the grey gravel platform like a man in a dream.

Thence were taken fifteen baskets of gravel and dirt, which has the color of coal, in order to assay it.