Vex [verb]

Definition of Vex:

distress, bother

Synonyms of Vex:

Opposite/Antonyms of Vex:

Sentence/Example of Vex:

“Vex not thyself,” said the old dame, as she saw him struggling with his sobs.

"Nay, you cannot vex me," he answered, all warm again at the very sight of her.

She is a very good woman—very; but it's prudent not to vex her.

All this was the readier told me, because it was against me, and would tease and vex me.

The chance was lost; but why should it vex her,—what was he to her?

Often, when I was a child, I wished to kill myself in order to vex others.

Poor fellow I you vex me much by telling me that he is unfortunate.

You see, Monsieur, he could vex me in two or three ways, so could I him.

"I haven't meant to vex you," he said, as he stooped to kiss his mother.

She did not want to vex Geoff, but she was unused to any but straightforward replies.