Offend [verb]

Definition of Offend:

displease, insult

Synonyms of Offend:

Opposite/Antonyms of Offend:

Sentence/Example of Offend:

He did not offend very often, but one never knew when he might not.

"You do not offend, but you misunderstand me," said Belinda.

Better not offend a fairy, even though no higher than a thimble!

I have been requested to take a holiday, and, rather than offend the powers that be, have given in.

But I will not offend fastidious ears with any syllable of my rougher tongue.

He that can oblige, may disoblige—Happy for some people not to have it in their power to offend!

And so, they dared not offend the Arrillians by questioning the veracity of their statements.

He forgets, though, how dangerous it is to offend an Italian woman.

And yet you will be obliged to offend him, by having me, eigh?

In the meantime take care that you do not offend against the Gods.