Attract [verb]

Definition of Attract:

draw attention

Synonyms of Attract:

Opposite/Antonyms of Attract:

Sentence/Example of Attract:

Personally, the English do not attract nor shine; but collectively they are a race to make their mark on the destinies of mankind.

A Cremona Violin is, to a rich amateur, a loadstone that is sure to attract the shining metal from the depths of his purse.

A young lady so fascinating in mind and person could not but attract much attention.

But the Transient Car bill, as it came to be called, began mysteriously to attract unprecedented attention.

He was entirely neglected, and his Odes, which possessed great merit, failed to attract any attention during his life time.

It looks very badly to see a lady endeavoring to attract attention by her boisterous manner, loud talking, or over-active dancing.

No lady of taste will carry on a flirtation in a ball room, so as to attract remark.

Possibly it is due to the fact that it did not possess any such shrine, and so did not attract pilgrims.

As a matter of fact, it did attract attention, for a man passed Jessie at the hospital door.

It is a form of vanity, as it will attract attention, and is therefore in bad taste.