Seduce [verb]

Definition of Seduce:

tempt, ensnare

Synonyms of Seduce:

Opposite/Antonyms of Seduce:

Sentence/Example of Seduce:

When a woman invert wishes to seduce a normal girl, it is easy for her to do so.

For the same reason an invert is not virtuous because he does not seduce girls.

The king himself now asserts it was because he had tried to seduce his paramour.

When Evil cannot seduce—that is to say, make us consent to it,—then for us it is conquered.

Are you not afraid that the others will hear of him, and seduce him by some tempting offer?

How can we be deceived by the blandishments that seduce others?

I fell in love with her, and offered her money to try and seduce her.

They are said to be more difficult to seduce than the strictest of duennas.

Genius will do so little for a man if he do not know how to seize or seduce opportunity.

I overheard an Afrite whispering to a female Ghoul he wanted to seduce.'