Entice [verb]

Definition of Entice:

allure; persuade

Synonyms of Entice:

Opposite/Antonyms of Entice:

Sentence/Example of Entice:

Brands have to go the extra mile to make their posts stand out and entice the right people to stop scrolling.

They’re just using the keyword but there’s nothing enticing me to click.

Champion-Cain ran multiple restaurants and vacation rentals in San Diego, and was found to have enticed investors by promising to cut high-interest loans to restaurateurs seeking liquor licenses.

In turn, content writers contribute by creating a copy that’s easy to read and entices the visitors to act.

Icons like free shipping or free returns can also entice customers to check out more items.

However, this does not always entice an audience into the sales funnel, converting them into customers.

These elements ensure searchers can clearly see what your content is about and are enticed to click through to it.

RLSAs can also be used with the brand and non-branded terms to entice user action in the decision phase of the funnel.

It is doubtful if any woman had done as much to entice them to a common focus as the surmounting Mrs. Hofer.

To Dangerfield, the proof seemed slight—what was there in the denuded room to entice a thief?