Coax [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Coax:

But he soon got over his fear, and was so busy feeding the elephant, that his papa had to coax him away.

Sue drew Tessa aside to coax in her plaintively miserable voice, Come home with me; father will say things, and I shall be afraid.

The doctors said we must take the child away, if we would coax her back to health and strength again.

Dont lets overeat, said Tootles seriously, trying to coax forth a smile.

Here, you take hold of the chain, and I will coax the dog to be quiet while I put Jacko on his back.

She went up to the star chamber, hoping to find Carl and coax him to go with her, but he was not there.

It put up a stubborn resistance to all efforts to coax it to do its duty.

They knew all the secrets of the ogress, and how to wheedle and coax her.

They seem to grow better here than I could ever coax them to do in the front yard.

I have not yet been able to coax myself into being as alarmed as many I could name are.