Influence [noun]

Definition of Influence:

power, authority

Synonyms of Influence:

Opposite/Antonyms of Influence:

Sentence/Example of Influence:

He’s unaware of who else is on the panel and how much influence the panels will have on the process.

Under Huang, Nvidia has risen rapidly up the ranks of technology companies in market value and influence.

The extensive observations allowed them to reconstruct the three-dimensional structure of the disk torn apart by the influences of the three stars.

Given how much influence steering winds have over hurricane speed and trajectory, climate change may influence stalling by reshaping large-scale wind patterns.

Taken together, the government has substantial influence on medical innovation.

Even women at the same phase of their cycles can have vastly different experiences and symptoms, so it’s important to understand the influence of hormones in your own body.

It’s that they had created influence, and in a sense captured the other actors in the industry.

Facebook disclosed the network’s removal as part of a monthly report on its efforts to fight foreign influence operations on its sites.

In other words, the act, which was controversial at the time and has been controversial since, was aimed at curbing the role of politics in governance and keeping the president from having too much influence over elections.

I really think doing something like Rock the Vote is a push in the right direction to use this influence for good.