Character [noun]

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When I was offered this, I was extremely pleased because he’s an interesting character.

In preparing to play the twisted character, Paulson studied the novel and the film in detail and even borrowed some gestures from the movie.

A recent survey from the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, for example, found that 38% of characters featured in advertisements at the 2019 Cannes Lions festival were people of color, compared to 26% in 2006, the earliest available data.

While for the video titles, we don’t have too many characters to work with, the video description field allows more characters than enough, so take the full advantage of those.

Female speaking characters have only marginally increased over the last 13 years, reaching 34% in 2019.

For Macdonald, playing Roxon was something of a departure from her other roles, even though those parts have also involved portraying strong female characters.

This recommendation is based largely on assumptions about the character of the asbestos – as a result of the city’s dislodging of some of it during its extensive remodeling work after it acquired the building, and the building’s age.

Opponents threw a time-tested argument at the bill, arguing that it would destroy the “character” of neighborhoods.

Do your work the best you can possibly do it and you’ll raise your self-esteem, which is more important than whether you get a promotion or more money because it’s fundamentally about your character.

I, therefore, deliver it as a maxim, that whoever desires the character of a proud man ought to conceal his vanity.