Standing [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Standing:

Beyond it, I saw you standing with outstretched arms, as if you sought to come to me, but could not.

The station-master was standing on the platform, superintending the removal of a trunk.

She had disobeyed by just standing outside the orchard door.

He seemed ever and always to be standing over her and Corney with that terrible whip.

And he wheeled one of the easy chairs to the spot where that lady was standing.

She came over to him presently, standing beside him, saying nothing.

"You are the surer, Watkin," said Aylward, standing by them with shaft upon string.

Mary was standing rigid now, and the rare color flamed in her cheeks.

Her visitor had accepted the open door as permission to enter and was standing in the hall.

But standing on the wooden doorstep of the little house was Le Moyne.