Fixed [adjective]

Definition of Fixed:

permanent, steady

Synonyms of Fixed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fixed:

Sentence/Example of Fixed:

As men fixed in the grip of nightmare, we were powerless—unable to do anything but wait.

Her eyes, for a moment, fixed themselves with a horrid conviction of a wide and nameless treachery.

The Princess still kept her eyes fixed on Louis, while, in a suppressed and unsteady voice, she answered her governess.

She kept her eyes fixed steadily on his, saying what followed gently, calmly, yet as though another woman spoke the words.

“It looks better than any house around here now, since you fixed it up and painted it,” said Sol.

Alessandro walked at the horses' heads, his face sunk on his breast, his eyes fixed on the ground.

Doubtless the commentator habit is fixed in the nature of man; but it was pre-eminently mediaeval.

She fixed her imploring eyes on the Virgin's face and on the saints; but all seemed to her to wear a forbidding look.

Seven o'clock was the hour fixed for the marriage: it would be twilight then, and dinner over.

After a long talk during which we fixed up a good many moot points, went on to see General d'Amade.