Static [adjective]

Definition of Static:

motionless, changeless

Synonyms of Static:

Opposite/Antonyms of Static:

Sentence/Example of Static:

The static emerging from the speaker thickened, obliterating all other noises.

"Just a heavy charge of static electricity," replied the doctor.

There was a babble of voices from the loudspeaker, punctuated by bursts of static.

Straight at each other, neither moving, they shot their static charges.

Everywhere there has been a passage from the static to the dynamic.

It is either irresistible in motion, or immovable in static condition.

That which is stagnant is dying; that which is static is dead.

The distributive situation is never one of static equilibrium.

Apparently and superficially what it aims at is the eternally "static."

But all this desire for the eternally "static" is superficial and self-deceiving.