Stalled [verb]

Definition of Stalled:

delay for own purposes

Synonyms of Stalled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stalled:

Sentence/Example of Stalled:

Such as are fed grossly, stalled cattle and pigs, without any exercise, do not afford food so nourishing or wholesome as others.

The outlook from the stalled auto was very attractive, if wild.

They came to the top of the ridge from which the stalled car had last been seen by Tom.

The birds had flown south, the cattle were stalled, the sheep folded.

Then Tom proceeded to where Mr. Damon had left his stalled automobile.

The second was a half burnt ruin, where cattle had been stalled.

Didn't Grace say something about pretending we were stalled?

Keeping their direction fresh in his mind, he stalled upward on his search.

Then he told all about how our car was stalled on the road and how the thieves got away.

But no other train can run into the stalled one, that's sure.