Push [noun]

Definition of Push:

physical force

Synonyms of Push:

Opposite/Antonyms of Push:

Sentence/Example of Push:

At night when the room grows dark we push a button and there is light.

It's the last thing he did, and I'm going to push it through.

I hope we shall soon be able to push Lord Cornwallis in turn.

"Get in then," said his father roughly, giving him a push with his foot.

Come, you, Griggs and Red, and push that desk down a bit so that I can stand on it.

Do you not intend, Sir, to push his way at court, and obtain for him the post of physician there?

She's got to push and push hard to make it, and that's why she's making so early a start.

Then they tried to push me out-of-doors, I resisted; I would not go.

"I'm going to leave you here and push on," he began abruptly.

It appeared to have run aground, and they were trying to push it off with the sweeps.