Idleness [noun]

Definition of Idleness:

laziness, inaction

Opposite/Antonyms of Idleness:

Sentence/Example of Idleness:

As long as you can engage with it in a healthy way—such that boredom prompts you to engage in beneficial behaviors—you should try to spend some of your time in idleness.

Make no mistake, commuting is still my favorite part of the day, but not because the idleness is a welcome change.

Competing stores needlessly occupy the time of hundreds of thousands of employees in a mixture of idleness and industry.

But when all is said about the horror of idleness the broad fact remains that the hours of work are too long.

The boys have his presence, not only as a check to idleness or noise, but as an encouragement to industry.

I in these speculations will consumeMy idleness; because the truth, when known,Though sad, has yet its charms.

It is weakness which makes us hate an enemy and seek revenge, and it is idleness that pacifies us and causes us to neglect it.

No, Mr Admer,” said Kennedy, “my idleness springs from very different causes.

Kennedy was very young, and he was eating the fruits of folly and idleness in painful failure and hope deferred.

Lords not only ought to be gentlefolk, and be fed and waited upon and live in affluent idleness, but super-gentlefolk.