Dawdling [verb]

Definition of Dawdling:

delay; waste time

Synonyms of Dawdling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dawdling:










Sentence/Example of Dawdling:

In the past, a school might have dawdled in making a decision about a self-imposed ban or an appeal, but it wasn’t shocking when it eventually accepted a penalty.

Traveling across the isle on foot without dashing is unappealing since large areas of the environment look rather plain, giving scant reason to dawdle.

I knew that the poor girl from Kansas must get up with the sun, too, for her uncle was not the man to brook any dawdling.

"I always make it a point to be punctual," Lamb dawdling in the background, overheard him say.

This is the method of Vacuity or Dawdling formerly mentioned.

An' ye aims ter trust ther life of ther only real man in these mountings ter ther dawdling of sonny?

The men are doing something noble, not dawdling away these glorious days in selling tape and ribbons.

Nothing can be more unhealthful than the dawdling habit of wading out ankle-deep or knee-deep, and waiting to get your courage up.

It gives one such a sense of leisure and real enjoyment of life to see them go dawdling about.

Everybody he meets suffers more or less from his malady, for dawdling becomes practically a disease.