Speed [noun]

Definition of Speed:

rate of motion, often a high rate

Synonyms of Speed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Speed:

Sentence/Example of Speed:

All started at speed to meet her, but presently Mrs. Raymount sank on the grass.

I pray you to speed a bolt against yonder shield with all your force.

Here was speed, and with such stride—strong, and straight, and true!

Ye're planning to speed that thing before ye've got it off the jacks.

He ran with all the speed he had ever attained at a track meet.

The speed at which she was going was like having wings on her body.

The speed was increased from about 39 miles per hour to 42 1/2 miles per hour.

But all this diligence and speed were not without an object.

I was impressed not so much with the speed of the manufacture as the character of the factory.

Then he drew himself upon his plank and swam, doubling his speed.