Momentum [noun]

Definition of Momentum:

impetus, push

Synonyms of Momentum:

Opposite/Antonyms of Momentum:

Sentence/Example of Momentum:

All are full of the momentum which they have caught from their mode of conveyance.

The ball once started gained size and momentum as it progressed.

When within a few rods of each other we ceased paddling, and drifted by with the momentum.

The momentum of the flywheel A pushes the piston upward, closing these holes.

The momentum acquired seems to serve for the balance of the year.

So fast was the otter that the momentum carried her well into the shallows.

I gambled the momentum of the initial enthusiasm would carry it.

Once the survey was in operation it went ahead of its own momentum.

The momentum received from this petition effort will not soon be lost.

They're going to throw rocks at us that'll have both mass and momentum.