Lethargy [noun]

Definition of Lethargy:

laziness, sluggishness

Opposite/Antonyms of Lethargy:

Sentence/Example of Lethargy:

One of them told me recently that the only way he can feel excitement is gambling, because then he knows he can lose everything and that excitement wakes him up from the lethargy of life.

This isn’t to say the sensations of lethargy, dullness, and torpor are not real—they are, and they can be quite paralzying.

Citing a lack of in-person contact, she constantly battles lethargy.

Austria's fall was due to the lethargy and hesitation of the courts of Berlin and St. Petersburg.

Cicogne told him the news, and how the Princess was lying on a blue bed in a state of lethargy.

When he awoke, though he seemed physically refreshed, the mind remained in a lethargy.

In the darkness of the night he was shaken out of his lethargy by a sharp scratch on his shoulder.

But the meaning was, "God wills we should all perish or become slaves;" and on every hand was dumb lethargy or mad blasphemy.

Towards the middle of the night, about midnight, a little before or a little after, he shook off his lethargy.

So poisonous is their bite that it sometimes causes a lethargy, during which the person bitten passes from sleep to death.