Concern [noun]

Definition of Concern:

business, responsibility

Synonyms of Concern:

Opposite/Antonyms of Concern:

Sentence/Example of Concern:

Without school-based counselors and social workers, these concerns may not be investigated.

I don’t find a lot of concern about his actual policies or what’s in his heart.

These cameras are not always accurate and raise a whole host of privacy concerns.

Initially the company had contemplated personalizing ads, using cameras and eye-tracking, on the basis of age and gender but has since declined because of privacy concerns.

Still, some may argue that culture and conduct concerns are too “squishy” to worry about when near-term economic outlooks are so uncertain.

No one of those concerns would be especially hard to address in isolation.

He turned at the sound of my voice with vastly more concern than he'd betrayed under the muzzle of Piegan's gun.

It stands very much in the way of that universal adult education which is our present concern.

That—and no existing institution and no current issue—is the primary concern of the present age.

I desire and am endeavoring to be on my guard respecting matters which concern his inclination and not his reason.