Job [noun]

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They’re very upset that we’ve done such a good job with the vaccine.

College students, searching for a way to get job-ready, flocked to the platform from Northern Italy to South-East Asia, to all over the United States.

It’s hard not to be happy with the job we’re doing, that I can tell you.

If those are attributable to the novel coronavirus, we’ve already moved out of good-job territory.

After a pause during lockdown, lenders from Citigroup to HSBC Holdings have restarted cuts, taking gross losses announced this year to a combined 63,785 jobs, according to a Bloomberg analysis of filings.

Like employees hired into permanent status, term employees gain job protections such as the right to appeal disciplinary actions after serving a probationary period, typically one year.

As the series opens, Nurse Ratched is trying to land a job at California’s Lucia State Hospital.

They will highlight current employment opportunities across the job market and how to apply.

The 61-year old Dutch executive’s first CEO job was at an early-stage startup called Data Domain that made specialized storage hardware.

According to a World Bank report in April, India’s coronavirus lockdown impacted nearly 40 million migrant jobs in India.