Posting [noun]

Definition of Posting:


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Sentence/Example of Posting:

This, after taking all precautions and posting sentries, we did.

Now, then, to whom did you intrust the posting of those letters?

I was just about to say, that for the convenience of posting you had better make it gold.

Pee-wee now arranged his advertising masterpieces in order for posting.

"It was taken out of the hands of a woman who was in the act of posting it," I said.

Amid chit-chat, so diverting, Saint-Prosper finished “posting” the town.

To return to my project: we can find means of posting, carriage and horses, in the village.

There's no provoking a man to a duel nowadays; nor no posting him when he won't fight.

She crawled on, do or die, and people at home began to think of posting us as overdue.

How he hated himself now for posting his all on the winter books!