Registration [noun]

Definition of Registration:

the act of registering

Synonyms of Registration:

Opposite/Antonyms of Registration:


Sentence/Example of Registration:

And let the same rule be observed about the registration of the property of the metics.

"Let me see the registration slip from the Prefecture," he said, at last.

The poet's registration in the parish records at Stratford is dated April 26, 1564.

The duration of the registration of a print, label or trade-mark is twenty years.

The 5c registration stamp, when the present supply is exhausted, will be withdrawn.

Both the postage charge and registration fee must in all cases be prepaid.

The registration system can be applied to the letter portion of the mail only.

A certificate of registration will be given by the postmaster if required.

Without registration he could not, and registration was wrongfully denied him.

"The Registration Office is over this way," one of the Hadjis told him.