Authorizing [verb]

Definition of Authorizing:

give power or control

Synonyms of Authorizing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Authorizing:

Sentence/Example of Authorizing:

An act of parliament passed, authorizing the East India company to export their own tea, duty 3d.

He concluded by moving resolutions authorizing him to make the proposed additions to the taxes.

The subject was debated in secret session in Congress, and a bill enacted authorizing their employment.

The English baron who had opposed authorizing a levy, or who had not been present, often refused to pay it.

The only obstacle to our success was the passage of a bill through Parliament authorizing us to occupy the land.

This was a curative act, authorizing elections and prescribing methods of registration.

A resolution of both Houses of Congress authorizing an adjournment on Monday, the 16th of this month, has been laid before me.

A commission, authorizing you to hold these treaties, will be forwarded to you in a few days.

But it is believed that the act authorizing this trade expired so long ago as the 3d of March, 1799.

Among their last acts, was one authorizing the king to conclude a peace or truce with the Americans.