Reject [verb]

Definition of Reject:

say no to

Synonyms of Reject:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reject:

Sentence/Example of Reject:

But once enticed into the parlour he did not reject the food set before him.

And in this thought he did not reject the invitations pressed on him.

And under what pretence can you embrace the one, while you reject the other?

Miss Gunn, do you really wish me to understand that you reject me?

Consider this before, unworthy as I am, you reject me from your esteem.

That you are determined to have it in your power to favour or reject me totally, as you please?'

It always embarrassed him to be forced to reject friendly overtures.

I reject you, and all of your kith and kin—all the false, hollow, heartless stock.'

I lay no claim to the distinction, and have the self-denial to reject it.'

We shall be the richer for returning to them, as much by what we reject as by what we embrace.