Nix [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Nix:

I wanted the old gent to start me up in it, but he said, 'Nix come arouse.'

Also am second in altitude, but nix on the altitude again, I'm pretty poor at it.

I've had to drill the whole forenoon and have got nix to eat but a poor soup.

With a triumphant air, the gold spectacles turned to our friend Nix.

Our friend Nix asked why Moses and the Jews were the best-bred people in the world?

We have discovered the object of Nix's recent gifts of Brahminical works.

Nix on the fade-away, neither; I've got your shirt, too, see?

"Nix on this conservation game," said he; and nobody argued with him.

When he reached the castle he said to the Count: "Sir, a Nix has barred me the way."

Then he called across to the editor, What is it this time, Nix?