Approval [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Approval:

At the store he would never have given in, but he was not accustomed to hearing so loud a murmur of approval greet the opposition.

She pressed her hands tighter upon her bosom; her eyes sparkled with an odd approval of that brisk deed.

I shall be glad if your Majesty is satisfied and pleased with it, as in all I desire to win your approval.

The socialist reads such criticism as the above with impatient approval.

On September 17, the famous "Suffolk Resolves" were laid before the deputies for their approval.

I was flattering myself that the puppy was choosing my company to the hunt, for I always value the approval of a dog.

A law would be proposed, debated and, if passed, be submitted to the Governor for his approval.

Winston looked steadily at the speaker, and the girl noticed with a curious approval that he smiled.

The resolutions passed by this Congress were circulated throughout the colonies for their approval.

Delay in accepting an application which is subject to approval does not effect an acceptance.