Assent [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Assent:

The stout brigadier grunted an assent and rolled monumentally down the Avenue.

The nod of assent was given, and the permission put in force with hearty good will.

Danton insisted that they must overlook the massacres, and give at least an implied assent to their necessity.

Many, therefore, who did not assent to all that the King had said, joined in a loud hum of approbation when he concluded.

The doctor made a sound of sorrowful assent, as if much struck; then said, "you don't mean he has never been there since?"

His Majesty had indeed hoped that it might be in his power to restore his cousin, but not without the assent of the nation.

Mrs. Nelson smiled assent and the young fellow indicated a buckboard drawn up to the station.

There was a motion of assent toward Peter, who left the room, encountering Mrs. Biggs outside the door.

It was with no common pain that he admitted it to be necessary for him to give his assent to the disbanding bill.

It was, however, allowed to stand, and by the first week of August all the three bills had received the royal assent.