Nod [noun]

Definition of Nod:

gesture of the head

Synonyms of Nod:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nod:


Sentence/Example of Nod:

With a nod and a smile, Aspasia said, "Continue the music, I pray you."

Wanhope assented to the question referred to him with a nod.

All that saved her now was the nod of the Judge's head—both had the giving of life and death.

A nod from the water seller told that I had reached the end of the journey.

The man by his nod seemed to show he understood what was afoot.

Every one looked at her, and I saw the girls nudge each other and nod in her direction.

Cornish had known her long enough to permit himself to nod and say nothing.

Beside, does the conduct of beings of a higher order depend upon my nod?

At a nod from Mrs. Effie I directed the laying out of these.

He stepped back at Henning's nod, to be replaced by another officer.