Sign [noun]

Definition of Sign:

indication, evidence

Opposite/Antonyms of Sign:

Sentence/Example of Sign:

He had evinced not the least sign of any disposition even to criticise.

It proved to be a sign some twenty feet high and a whole block long.

No sir, not one, and I can find no sign of the Triassic period.

There was no sign of the body of Andrew Lanning among the rocks.

They remembered the rifle of Andrew and had gone on without making a sign.

Straight to this sign Andrew walked and sat down at the table beneath it.

The first sign of unwariness would begin and end the battle.

Perhaps that is a sign—I daresay it is—that I have not had much of what is not happiness.

He kept close to the bank, looking for some sign of the spot where he had fallen in.

There were so many ways in which the wreck might have gone out of life and left no sign.