Assurance [noun]

Definition of Assurance:

statement to relieve doubt

Synonyms of Assurance:

Opposite/Antonyms of Assurance:

Sentence/Example of Assurance:

Belief in his own value had never been thus assailed before; that he was indispensable had been an ultimate assurance.

The presence of a large gold fund was an assurance of the ability to return to specie payments after the close of the war.

All she needed was a certain amount of his society, opportunities to work for him, the assurance of his success and happiness.

Instantly Longcluse had used his revolver; but before he could make assurance doubly sure, his quick ear detected a step outside.

On the subject of Shakespeare's height he could not speak with assurance, but Keats was only just over five feet.

But for the assurance of his senses he could have believed they headed towards these yellow cliffs instead of the reverse.

The rest were comforted by the assurance that Dr. May was still calm, and did not seem to have been injured by what had passed.

Mrs. Dodd posted her letter herself, and to make assurance doubly sure she registered it.

"Oh, that wouldn't make any difference," Benny replied with great assurance as he started to go out again.

The sweet assurance came that her prayer was answered; that the child would grow well and strong.