Insurance [noun]

Definition of Insurance:

protection, security

Synonyms of Insurance:

Opposite/Antonyms of Insurance:

Sentence/Example of Insurance:

The company blames its financial demise on its insurance, which didn’t pay to insulate Century 21 from business interruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

He said the interests of insurance companies and the interests of their customers were aligned when it came to the goal of helping people live longer, healthier lives.

“I’d put a well down there, pump it once a month and let it sit there as an insurance policy,” one hydrologist said.

Many insurance companies, recognizing the likelihood that it would happen again, declined to renew policies and left the state.

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She took her staff of seven down to 15 hours a week each, so they could get partial unemployment insurance while still attached to their jobs, but her landlord did not offer her a break on the rent.

A second wave of cases brought by bigger companies with lawyers who specialize in insurance has started, he said.

Sadly, there are several types of dogs that some insurance companies won’t cover.

One publishing executive described the negotiations as “like home insurance, you switch every two years.”

The country-by-country look includes the status of production, insurance coverage details, travel restrictions and list of projects currently in production.