Safeguard [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Safeguard:

Conscience, he said, was the soul's safeguard, and reason the safeguard of the heart and intellect.

There is a refuge for him, a defence, a safeguard which no material attack can break down.

Still, we must safeguard the King's interests and be prepared.

But this very pettiness in our criticism is, fortunately, a sort of safeguard.

Truly have we; and if suspicion were a safeguard, nothing can harm us.

The only safeguard against being too warm to all may be to be cool to all.

We believed this policy to be our only safeguard from spoliation, and in that we were right.

She was his safeguard against Nelly's wondering, reproachful eyes.

Clauses 25-28 safeguard interests of Judges, Civil Servants.

Fortunately his undisguised admiration of Edith was a safeguard to me.