Screen [noun]

Definition of Screen:

protection used in or as furniture, motion picture display

Synonyms of Screen:

Opposite/Antonyms of Screen:


Sentence/Example of Screen:

He took Viviette by the arm and roughly thrust her past the screen.

A nurse stayed behind the screen, and her work was done by the others.

The doctor motioned me to a table behind the screen of which Kitty had spoken.

It was Miss Eileen that heard the screen ripped out and told me it was gone.

Then they tore out the dam, rinsed the screen and spread it over a rock to dry.

Anthony followed as if to protect or screen the girls from sight.

To screen themselves they charged their captain with the crime.

We'll screen off a corner for our Professor—sort of confessional business.

A special altar, called the rood-altar, used to stand under the screen.

Through a screen of wood and glass, I peep into the dim church.