Shelter [noun]

Definition of Shelter:

protection, habitat

Synonyms of Shelter:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shelter:

Sentence/Example of Shelter:

For, if he could get shelter for three days, the hue and cry would subside.

If He does not mean us to keep her in the shelter of our home for the present, we do not know what He means.

It might be an evil start to come to his door so late and claim the shelter of his roof.

Shelter, covering, bed—beyond these all is mere superfluity.

Bullets were flying in all directions, and there was no question of shelter.

There had been a storm, and a good many vessels had run into the inlet for shelter.

"A thousand pardons, Monsieur—" he cried from beneath his shelter, as he read my face.

Did it not, at least, secure bread and shelter to her child?

Perhaps the wolves have driven the buck to shelter, and are following on his trail.

Rain had driven to shelter the roving dogs which had troubled us last night.