Shed [verb]

Definition of Shed:

cast off

Synonyms of Shed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shed:

Sentence/Example of Shed:

No one has seen him shed a tear, of heard him utter a complaint.

The Sabbath of eternity has shed its stillness along the street.

The door of the shed stood open, and outside there was bright sunshine.

I kissed her: And is it for me, my sweet Cousin, that you shed tears?

No wonder she shuddered at such profanation, and shed her false beard.

It seemed as though a golden tree had shed its leaves into the grave.

Spinnin'-wheels out in the shed chamber, where his gran'mother Hooper kep' 'em?

She heard his step, swift and steady, through the shed and out at the door.

It would 'a' ben perfect if there' ben anybody to shed tears.

Surely the sunset had shed a flush of life upon her whiteness.