Diffuse [adjective]

Definition of Diffuse:

spread out

Synonyms of Diffuse:

Opposite/Antonyms of Diffuse:

Sentence/Example of Diffuse:

It’s a simulation designed by a startup called Mursion, which makes “immersive virtual reality training for emotional intelligence in the workplace” to help employees and managers “practice” diffusing, redirecting, and de-escalating office conflicts.

Red supergiants are surrounded by diffuse clouds of gas and dust that are full of elements that are forged only in stars — and those clouds form before the star explodes.

It means that bioengineered neurons, inside a brain, need to have a sensitive and powerful enough opsin “door” that responds to light—even when light pulses are diffused by the skull and brain tissue.

If 67P’s ultraviolet aurora were visible, it would look like a diffuse halo around the comet.

We also discovered that methane was diffusing upward from the sediments, fueling bacteria that oxidize methane for energy.

When examining the fossilized embryos of both kinds of dinosaurs, the researchers noticed diffuse egg-shaped halos around the skeletons.

During meal-times, a large punkah is employed to diffuse an agreeable degree of coolness through the apartment.

She herself may be happy in a Solitude, but she might diffuse happiness among a larger circle of her friends.

Zeno declined all worldly honors in order that he might diffuse the doctrines of his master.

The back-pain is a diffuse ache, or it manifests itself on pressure at certain spots along the spine.