Catholic [adjective]

Definition of Catholic:

all-embracing, general

Opposite/Antonyms of Catholic:

Sentence/Example of Catholic:

The Roman Catholic priesthood, to a man, would lend to it the influence of all its spiritual authority.

Just a few priests ordained in the Roman Catholic Church have joined the schismatic cause.

There were grades of rank among the priesthood; but not more so than in the Roman Catholic Church.

He would also abolish the oaths in that establishment, distinguishing Roman Catholic office-bearers from Protestants.

The Roman Catholic chapels, and the ways of access to them, were also treated as "public works."

Mr. Duffy was a Roman Catholic, and professed unbounded respect for the priests.

As much by mystics as by the Church Catholic, modern black magic may be left to perish of its own corruption.

English and Protestants as they were, how far superior in their innocence to her, an Andalusian Catholic, in her guilt!

Again, a Roman Catholic proprietor found out that an effort was likely to be made to deprive him of his estate.

As time wore on and the enemy fire grew hotter, a Roman Catholic chaplain reached the side of the sergeant.